Pocket Peppers was born out of a family tradition of spicing up practically every meal we ate, no matter where we were. Many of our family memories are built around our love for food and cooking! The centerpiece of all this culinary activity was the variety of condiments on the kitchen table each time we ate – a bowl of spicy hot chili pepper sauce or spicy chili pepper oil extract. We used these to add that special kick and flavor that makes our food so excitingly complex. From dips to omelets, to meats, to poultry, to fish; from bowls of sauces to bowls of soup; a bowl of noodles, a plate of rice, whatever really, we added the spice! Over the years, we have refined and perfected these special combinations and blends of very hot chili peppers and complexly flavored peppers and herbaceousness, into something that is quite versatile in taste and heat. But even more importantly, pocket peppers do not alter the underlying flavor profile of the meal being eaten, they rather complement and elevate, in order to please the palate and other senses!

We have always shared our secret sauce and oils with friends and family, having garnered quite a serious following every time we brew a batch. With constant requests for replenishment from friends, guests and even strangers who have sampled and tasted the magical transformations of these hot chili peppers, we decided to expand the family and share our kitchen table secret with you! If you love spicy, hot, bright and tasty, you must give Pocket Peppers a try! Making Pocket Peppers in home and travel size is by design, because we hope you take our Peppers with you everywhere you go like we do; On planes, trains, restaurants or parties – anywhere you might encounter a plate that sorely needs some uplifting – and they mostly do, don’t they?

We invite you then, to try a pocket pepper or two – different flavors and different heat profiles to suit you and your tolerances for culinary excitement. So enjoy, and ‘Bon Appetit’, as the French would say.

Caution : These products are spicy and hot and can temptingly lead you to add ever increasing amounts to your food! Do so AYOR (at your own risk) , ‘cos this thing is ‘Caliente’!

If you experience any symptoms of euphoria, great taste, sweating, happiness, heat, heat and even more heat, please call your momma!
  • In general please use all Pocket Peppers products with extreme caution, (and a little stupidity).
  • No solvents used, no additives and no preservatives
  • No nuts, no MSG, Gluten Free, Vegan. All natural ingredients
  • All our production is under highest hygiene Department of food safety controlled standards.
  • Refrigerate Pocket Pepper Sauces for longer shelf life.