Hot Eruption

Hot Eruption Pepper oil captures the unique powerful natural flavors and aromas habaneros, caution usage…, the sake of being hot. The spicy level of this product is level 5! It is Hot Hot Hot!!!! As the name implies, this might cause some hot eruptions in your mouth! It is crafted for that initial punch from habanero pepper then follows the taste and flavor, and brightness that comes from the blend combinations of onions, garlic and other complex ingredients. This hot oil pairs well with every single bite you will take. Spicy food lover, and an adventurer, you just have to try this!

Ingredients: Habanero peppers, ginger, Tomatoes, Bell peppers, garlic, Soy Oil, Herbs and Spices
Heat Level: High

  • In general please use all Pocket Peppers products with extreme caution, (and a little stupidity)
  • No solvents used, no additives and no preservatives
  • No nuts, no MSG, Gluten Free, Vegan. All natural ingredients
  • All our production is under highest hygiene Department of food safety controlled standards
  • Refrigerate Pocket Pepper Sauces for longer shelf life
  • Use clean implements to serve pepper sauces


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