Spicy Goodness

Add a bold, spicy kick to your favorite pizzas—just a drizzle of our zesty Spicy Goodness oil is all it takes. Spiked by the complex heat of habanero peppers, garlic and ginger, this oil adds vibrant flavor to any meal. This product, though currently the mildest Pocket Pepper, delivers the one two combination of heat and flavor in equal measure. It adds bright, peppery flavor to practically all foods. Just delicious drizzled over all dishes, during preparation, just before serving or while eating.

Ingredients: Habanero peppers, ginger, garlic, Soy Oil, Herbs and Spices
Heat Level: Medium

  • In general please use all Pocket Peppers products with extreme caution, (and a little stupidity)
  • No solvents used, no additives and no preservatives
  • No nuts, no MSG, Gluten Free, Vegan. All natural ingredients
  • All our production is under highest hygiene Department of food safety controlled standards
  • Refrigerate Pocket Pepper Sauces for longer shelf life
  • Use clean implements to serve pepper sauces


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